OGTC is proud to announce Youth Tumble+ - our brand new, fully inclusive and innovative full service tumbling and fitness program for athletes 12 and under!

Youth Tumble+ is our new fully staffed program that provides every athlete, from every team, an equal opportunity to train as much as they possibly can as an individual in a distraction free gym … for the same price that our competitors charge for a 1 hour private lesson!


The philosophy is simple.

If you want to consistently improve as a tumbler, you need to consistently put in the time and effort. In order to be GREAT, you MUST put in the time, outside of your “team practice schedule”.


Nothing about this program is mandatory. You create your individual schedule and it can change by the day, week or month.


We will be evaluating every athlete in the program and designating them to a specific level (Level 1-10) based on the three pillars of tumbling:

  • Skills/Ability

  • Drill technique

  • Physical fitness/Flexibility



$50 / month for Team Training members

$80 / month for non Team Training members

Youth Tumble+ Includes:

  • Unlimited access to all 1 hr Youth Tumble+ classes

  • Unlimited access to all 1 hr Youth OGTC-Fit workout classes