Thursdays 6:30-8:30 & Sundays 4:30-6:30

$75 /month for high school seniors

$50 /month for 9th-11th graders

Free for current college cheerleaders

Ages 14 & up

Must have standing tuck or be invited

Will travel to multiple collegiate spring and winter clinics (additional cost - optional)

Choreography in January (No extra cost)

Competition info - TBD

OGTC will activate their USA CHEER and USASF Membership if athletes and parents decide to compete via Varsity All Star (Surprise!)

High school seniors preparing for college tryouts will get (2) 30-minute private lessons per month AND (1) hour parent/athlete consultation per month (scheduled in advance)

TumbleX Membership is included for FREE with your Charleston Collegiate Membership


Athletes must have a back tuck / full up and be 13+

Athletes must have an active Open Gym Training Center Membership