Open Gym Training Center is a full-service company offering training in cheerleading, dance, baseball, softball, & wrestling. We provide the correct, individualized training to allow every team and athlete to reach their potential. We build value for our teams and athletes through the strength of our highly qualified instructors and by consistently producing superior results.

Open Gym Training Center is dedicated to training high school and youth programs in ways that no other gym can. We are driven to provide alternatives to travel sports while focusing on individual athlete's training needs.

Our 10,000 sq ft fully air conditioned facility is located on private land with no neighboring businesses. Athletes will have use of our full spring floor, cheer floors, dance floor, batting cages, tee stations, wrestling mats and complete set of fitness equipment to learn progressions & new skills in a safe and motivating environment. 


We are the first gym of it's kind in the Lowcountry, complete with a kitchen facility, 2 bathrooms, homework area, athlete locker banks, and dedicated fitness area. The gym is surrounded by grass and space for safe outdoor activities and team bonding.

We can't wait to get you into the Open Gym Training Center!